All members of The Private Medical Service & Healthcare Center

The Private Medical Service & Healthcare Center in the first Affiliated Hospital of Sun-Yet University was organized in 1993 for the international private medical service and healthcare management. In 2014, we upgraded the environment of the Private Medical Service & Healthcare Center to promote the quality of medical service. The Private Medical Service & Healthcare Center was comprised of Outpatient Department, Inpatient Departments of Unit 1-3, and Medical Cosmetic Center. We would arrange the best clinical specialists for patients and supply green pathway of examination in all the departments of Private Medical Service & Healthcare Center. Our goal is to make patients experiencing the best medical and health service here.  




Outpatient Department

The Private Medical Service & Healthcare Center has opened outpatient services contained an almost full line of clinical profession with more than 500 clinical specialists for selection included all of the most famous professors in different specialties. Every day, we will arrange over 30 different specialists on duty in the Outpatient Department. The personalized health examination service has also been supplied in the Outpatient Department. Every patient would experience the high quality nursing care and green channel to examination here. The internet or telephone schedule is welcome.

Inpatient Department

The inpatient Department of Private Medical Service & Healthcare Center is located on the highest 22nd-25th floors of the New Surgery Building in the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University with comfortable environment inside as well as beautiful scenery outside containing Baiyun mountain in the north and Zhujiang river in the south. Double room, single room or deluxe suite can be chosen and the special elevator is available. The medical equipment and instruments are most advanced and completed in patient ward.


Moreover, our members of clinical team are very skillful with a excellent consultation group including all the famous professors from each specialties in this hospital. High quality nursing service is the important vantage here as well. The optimal therapeutic schedule would be discussed and made by clinical medical group composed of senior doctor and nurse together. We would do the best to make sure that every patient will be treated appropriately and have a well experience of seeking medical service in our center.  

Medical Cosmetic Center

The Center is one of the first cosmetic centers established in Guangdong province. We have numerous renowned physicians from the division of Plastic Surgery, Burn Surgery and Dermatology. Our practices mainly focus in the laser, cosmetic surgery, and non cosmetic procedures. We are in the leading place to provide high quality of cosmetic surgeries/ procedures and laser therapy to our customers in the Southern China.  

Cosmetic Surgery:

Facial surgery: Eyelid surgery/ Face lift/ Brow lift/ Fat grafting

Breast surgery: Breast implant/Augmentation/ Breast reduction/ Breast lift

Body contouring surgery: Liposuction/ Abdominoplasty



Hair transplantation

Laser: Nevus of Ota, Hemangioma, Pigmentation, Tattoo, Hair remova, Acne, Scar revision, Skin tightening and resurfacing


Non surgical cosmetic procedures: Botox injection, Dermal filler injection, Fat grafting, Thread Lifts


Reconstructive Surgery:

Breast/Ear/Nose/penile/vaginal reconstruction

Toe to thumb surgery

Peripheral nerve injury

Lymphatic disease

Hemangioma/ vascular malformation

Soft tissue tumor

Congenital hand deformity

Facial palsy

Cleft lip/ palate

Chronic wound

Scar revision surgery

Arteriovenous fistula surgery

Members In Charge

Executive Director of The Private Medical Service & Healthcare Center: Yong Gu

Director of Section 1st of In-patient Department & Geriatrics Department: Wen He

Director of Section 2nd of In-patient Department: Mei-lin Ding

Director of Section 3rd of In-patient Department: Quan-yong Cheng

Director of Outpatient Department: Mei Zhuang

Director of Medical Cosmetic Center: Qing Tang